Texas 2015 Photo Shoot Highlights

Here are a few highlights from David and Lana's trip to East Texas:

- For the second year in a row David and Lana were welcomed with open arms to Tyler Texas for a 3-4 week photo shoot.  We continue to meet new clients and friends in the area and will be happily returning in 2016 for another photo shoot.  Here is a gallery of some of the highlights from our 2015 Texas shoots. 

- In addition to our growing demand for children's portrait work, we took the time to visit some of the many interesting sites in East Texas and added to our print collection. 


- We introduced a new style of photography (lo-key) to our Tyler clients, a departure from our classic airy, light background style that compliments the beauty and innocence of childhood.  Below is a portrait we created for Jami in this style.  You can see more of her gallery at this link  dsimages.com/mckinney